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LOC - The Surgical Strike gives you a spine-chilling experience of a life of a commando in the POK region. The mesmerizing terrain with beautiful landscapes and tranquil river disguise the terrorizing camps! Packed with AAA Graphics, HD sounds, Advanced VFX and quality AI, this real life simulation of terrains and the camps thrills the player to the core with the desire to decimate the terrorists. This surgical strike is a game that cannot be missed by a true gamer who loves his/her nation and enjoys the thrill of serving it. Do you have it in  you???

Install instructions

Download instructions :

1) Download the .rar file from the website. 

2) Extract the game from the  .rar file to any folder of your choice.

3) Copy the terraform.exe shortcut to your desktop and you are ready to rock.   

System Requirements :

4+ gb ram 

1+ gb graphics

windows 7-10

2 gb  free space

About Me :

Hi! i am Yajat Kapur. I am 14 years old. I am a Developer. Creating apps, games, websites, codes is my passion and my hobby. With no formal training, this game is my first venture into the world of gaming. I hope all of you enjoy my game. Stay tuned for more! Coming up - more camps, enemies, guns platforms supported etc....

For any suggestions or queries, you can reach me at -  kapuryajat@gmail.com





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Hope you all are enjoying....how's the josh!

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